Join us


We are seeking contributors who are aware of their right to free speech
and willing to use it. 

Information is power, and as you have seen, Anonymous is trying to keep
people informed, either with initiatives such as The Plan, or with
operations like #OpInformacion (#OpInformation).

If you want to help us, contact us by email at, or
on Twitter by tweeting to the user @AnonymousAction. For IRC, take a
look at our Help section, or you can simply reply to this post, and
someone will respond with help.

The contributions we seek are not limited to writing articles, we
like new ideas too. Everyone can show us new horizons. 

Some contribution proposals:

1) Help writing news or posts. Tell us that you want to help in this
way and then we will give you the necessary permissions to write on the

2) Mount and/or collaborate on the radio. The radio is used for doing
informative programs about Anonymous. One user told us that s/healready
had one mounted so we will try to contact him/her. If anybody wants
to do a program on that radio, let us know.

3) You can make groups on differents social networks or forums promoting
the movement, the operations,etc.

These are some of our concerns right now, and we hope you will
contribute to make this movement stronger and and more united
every day. [If you have any other idea, please tell us too.] Feel free
to expose us to new ideas, please. 

We all are Anonymous. United as one, divided by zero. Join us

Join Anonymous Action¡¡¡


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