Syria and Greece: they needs you

Greetings world,

The situations in Greece and Syria demand our attention. The misinformation and the lack of attention to the real situations in those countries obligates us to write this post.

What is happening in arab world and its extension to Greece, Spain and Portugal is the other side of the coin of globalization, which is to say the failure of this globalization; because never before have the citizens of the world been so interconnected. The system rulers do not expect that their game will misscarriage with all the citizenship shouting for a change.

Some days before of this post, we showed the portal of Shaam News Network, wich everyday offers daily videos and other stuff about Syrian situation. Here we show the last video from their channel in YouTube:

We see in that video an act that helps us to remember some important points:
1) That the protesters are citizens who claims their rights pacifically
2) They organize theirselves with assemblies, as happened and happen in the #spanishrevolution

We remaind you too that Twitter is practically the only tool for inform us about are happening, with the #OpSyria account and #Syria hashtag.

Greece, mirror of the revolutions in the Western world, is undergoing a tremendous boycott over their protests. There aren’t many news in the media and only exists a little operation in AnonOps. That’s all. Meanwhile, the country that invented the Democracy is suffering his loss.

Hillary Clinton, who supported Israel’s military “defense” against a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Palestine (known as ‘Flotilla 2’), has also supported the savage cuts that have been approved in Greece at the expense of its citizens. The adjustment package had only 155 votes in favor to 138 against, a very hard-fought result.
The Greek citizens are being used as guinea pigs of adjustments that will end up getting them all. They have been fighting for more than a year in the street, defending the rights that are being cut.

Your responsability as an emancipated and self-sufficient human is to search out truthful information on your own. Greeks deserve to have responsible coverage because their rights are at stake now as ours will be later.

#OpGreece of Anonops recommends reading relevant articles at Zerohedge and Maxkeiser. About the Operation you can find information in the Twitter accounts AnonOPSGR and OpGreece. You can also read the last manifiesto of #OpGreece here in many languages.

From here, though few people approach us, we demand an effort aimed at making the mainstream media cover this news. The world has changed; the society suspects it where it does not already know it. We’ll not allow the existing corporate media, with their political interests as conductors, “inform” us about what they want to know.

Is our obligation say that. Is your right to know it.

Knowledge is free – allways will be-
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect us


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