No one can arrest Social Activism

Hello world,

Since NATO published its report on cybercrime, security agencies and police departments around the world have started pursuing groups they view as responsible for such activities. The most sought after group is, of course, Anonymous.

Social activism has moved to the Internet for two main reasons: ability to coordinate action and the ease of broadcasting those actions to a large audience.

Governments do not like this. It makes it hard for them to manipulate and control activists’ conversations and actions. The goal of #OpMetalgear is to eradicate or make public the actions of governments to coordinate and manipulate the internet activity of their citizens. But they do not understand the point: social activism is not hacktivism. It is true that Anonymous has associations with hackers, but each anon is different. It is an error to place a body of independent actors under a single label.

The various agencies, however, desire to label us as a ‘hacker group’ for the sole purpose of generating a public motive to pursue us. Since the NATO report, we have suffered detentions in the UK, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and now the USA. They want to stop us because we are informed citizens committed to the destruction of the unjust system they promote. Recent economic news has shown globalization does not work. The only valid aspect of globalization is the widespread dissemination of information; this is why Wikileaks made public their cables. In these days, the twin Freedoms of Speech and Information are more important than ever. A few minor detentions will not deter us; we will never stop defending our rights.

The anons detained have unleashed a new power: the power of silence. Although the anons that got arrested yesterday were released from police custody, they are banned from using the Internet (a basic human right, declared by the U.N. on June 6th 2011) until their trial in September. Their silence on the web is deafening.

The National Lawyer’s Guild is aware of what has occurred and will help the arrested anons. If you are in contact with one of the arrested anons, please inform them so they can seek legal council.

Something which needs to be clarified, the recent raids have in no way slowed us down. The media is trying to make it seem like we took a large blow today. In reality they still fail to understand us, in addition to how it is that we work. They claim to have arrested core members, even “leaders” at times. That is impossible, We all know we have no leaders, no rules, we simply share an idea. Even now this very blog is being written my multiple anons, seemlessly working together, no management, just equality. The arrests today were unjust. The group today were peaceful activists being arrested for believing in freedom, similar to those anons  in Spain,  and we will respond.


Knowledge is free
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do no forget
We do not forgive
Expect us

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  1. Here you have the post translated in italian

    Thanks for reading ;)


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