15M movement: a weekend of protesting raids in Madrid

SATURDAY, 23th of JULY, 2011

No one gave credit to what took place on the 15th of May and the subsequent days, but it happened.

Then they said that this would stop the summer, but it did not.

Yesterday, July 23, 2011, those who chose to call themselves the “indignant” arrived in Madrid from across the country. From north and south, east and west, thousands of people joined the mass demonstration that was held at 18:30 (GMT+1) today. They were received with large banners in the main square Puerta del Sol that read “Welcome, dignity!”

New of an spanish newspaper

They began to enter the square at 19:00, the assembly started an hour later. Even the Police supported the “indignant” stating that they “were also outraged,” and asking their fellow officers to “respect” the action. Also, in connection with Amsterdam and Cairo’s emblematic Tahrir Square, speakers called “freedom to Sahara” and had a minute of silence for the terrible events in Norway. Of course a “few” or “minority” are not appropriate names to call this movement that was created in winter and came to life in spring. La Puerta del Sol was so crowded that it was decided to extend the protest action to the Paseo del Prado to allow additional space for people who wanted to camp.

As much as the media insists on the contrary, the word “perroflauta” doesn’t reflect the outraged now, because the people know what they are doing. “The square too is small for such an open mind” they shouted. “I am a teacher, but during this time I have been given more lessons than I could have given my students,” a citizen said.

And the thousands who could not be there with the indignant at Madrid joined via the live streaming; some 16,000 people were following the live meeting and the hashtag #SolRenace . Twitter did not take long to add this Trending Topic made in Spain.

SUNDAY, 24th of JULY, 2011

Yesterday the 15M movement fulfilled another goal with success. Neither heat nor fatigue of the outraged who came from different parts of Spanish territory prevented thousands of citizens to continue to show their indignation.

As in previous marches and demonstrations, Anonymous has participated, proudly marching and shouting with the rest of the indignated.
A few Anons of Madrid joined with Anons coming from Pamplona and Valencia, in the Atocha station at 18:00 to begin a walk along the Paseo del Prado road from Puerta del Sol, which ended at 20:00.

Anonymous in Madrid raids

After putting up several posters at the top of Sol station, waving our flag and the rest eating something, the protesters were warned that several hundred outraged gathered near the House of Representatives. Anonymous also attended the call. After midnight, many protesters marched to rest and Anonymous went to celebrate a weekend filled with activities and excitement drinking some beer ;>

From here, we finally ask you to help us in the upcoming demonstrations. The most important will be taking place on the 15th of October, an international protest – the politicians can hardly keep ignoring the international cry demanding a change in the system.

Anonymous at Sol station in Madrid

An isolated voice has little to say, but a collective voice says a lot, very loudly.

We are all Anonymous: United as one, divided by zero.

3 Responses to 15M movement: a weekend of protesting raids in Madrid

  1. Cassie says:

    Se os olvidó este video, me encanta :D

  2. Tinejo says:

    Un ejemplo que emociona, pero que necesita de acción y vertebración real en la cotidianeidad de la política y de la sociedad. El mensaje se ha transmitido y se debate, pero debe ejecutarse.


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