We can not continue to silently witness the police violence that is taking place across the planet. Every day we suffer in every country, with most of the media saying nothing about it. Two days ago at sundown, French protesters were beaten, choking from tear gas, while Wall Street awoke with police tying the hands of those who dare to claim a fairer world yesterday. Meanwhile, Chile is experiencing one of the largest student protests in history, which has transformed into a conflict that has lasted for almost 4 months. The demand for a quality education, a free state and justice is being repressed and is going unnoticed by international eyes.



More info: https://occupywallst.org/

Early yesterday morning at least five protesters were arrested by the NYPD. The first detainee was a protester who confronted the police, preventing them from removing a tarp that protected the crew from the rain. Police said it was a canvas tent with no used to protect anyone. The police continued to use pressure tactics, saying that a protester using a bullhorn was breaking the law. The protester refused to stop excercising his rights under the First Amendment and was also arrested. Then the police started to arrest demonstrators indiscriminately; many of them drew their batons even though the demonstration remained peaceful.

One of the protesters took a big blow on the leg, another lost a tooth. Several police officers approached a protestor and sat on him continually in spite of the fact that he was experiencing an asthma attack. One of the doctors at the scene told police they had to call an ambulance because the condition could be fatal. They paid no attention. We do not have current information on this demonstrator, but we hope he was not killed by the police.



On Tuesday afternoon, outraged crowds traveled towards Brussels, then spent the second day in Paris, taking the Boulevard St. Germain, where they arrived by 9 PM. Without any warning or provocation, national police surrounded and teargassed marchers on the sidewalk. Under the guise of an identity check, police gassed them a second time and used violence (punches, kicks and insults) against the citizens of the various countries present (French, Spanish, Greek, German, English …)

The reason given for this violent intervention against peaceful citizens exercising their civil rights was that these “are the orders we received.” We recall that a police officer has a duty not to enforce an order that goes against French and European laws, and also to denounce those who have given these orders and the agents that run them.

These citizens were exercising their freedom of expression and did not disturb the public order because they were using spaces reserved for pedestrians. One person was seriously injured, and was unconscious when firefighters transported her and two others with lesser injuries (one with a dislocated shoulder); all are reported to be safe, along with the rest of their classmates.

Several people objected to the police intervention, standing in front of the police van that
carried the indigandos 80 (out of 117 retained) to the police station for identity checks.
Some detainees were reportedly taken behind the police van, out of sight, where they were insulted, slapped and kicked by riot police (CRS). The police reportedly sprayed tear gas on their gloves and smeared in on protesters’ faces and in their eyes, and finally put them in a van previously filled with tear gas. Most of the 117 detainees were released because there was no specific reason to detain them, but we believe that at least one person remains in jail for not having papers.

Data from police stations and detention:

§ Precinct 18, Rue de Clignancourt (Phone: 01 53 41 50 00)
All released (37 released)

§ Commissioner Central Paris 11th arrondissement, Passage Charles Dallerey
All released under a lower (35 released)

§ Commissioner District 6, Rue Jean Bart (Phone 01 44 39 71 70)
4 retained (assuming that 18 more)

§ Commissioner District 5, Rue Montagne St Genevieve
30 retained (5 released)

Demand that French police release all detainees! Call them on Skype:+330144415100 +330153415000 and #parisnofear on Twitter.

This brutal police action vividly symbolizes the dictatorship in which we live. It is the manner in which the French government welcomes its European partners, and their response to their aspirations of participatory democracy, direct and horizontal.
The presence of French media has been notorious in the area and people were coming out obstructed the police buses with banners saying “Freedom”.

There are currently two demonstrations similar to those at the the French Embassy in Madrid and in front of the French Consulate in Barcelona.

The French Law Commission requests urgent and thorough media coverage of events:
Stream: Bambuser.com/channel/marchtobrussels/broadcast/1983143
Facebook: 15M: Marcha Bruselas

Every day we experience the oppression of the oligarchy. It is urgent that we stand up to regain our rights. It is even our duty to do so. We want to rebuild this world that our politicians destroy every day. But we can only do with you and your voices. A united people is leading the way, the Resistance is on the march. Unite! Join us.

Information taken from: http://www.facebook.com/notes/acampada-nomada/informaciones-sobre-el-interp%C3%A9llation-violento-del-movimiento-de-los-indignados-/277508358926669


But the most scandalous case is certainly that of Chile, where students have been protesting for over 3 months for a quality public education, free for everyone. Despite the violent clashes taking place, the protests are going unnoticed, unlike what happened on Wall Street or in Paris. Twitter is not helping with information dissemination. Meanwhile, the country is being completely revolutionized.

In a country where the new generation was born into a false democracy, the people have no opportunity to participate in their country’s governmental decisions. Student revolution has been a forecoming problem for each government. While not the first student revolution in Chile, the current one is the biggest and longest lasting. Almost 4 months ago students began occupying their schools and universities. Since then, massive marches and national strikes involving huge numbers of citizens have continued, as well as a student hunger strike. Two female students from the Liceo Darío Salas of Santiago have been on a hunger strike for 65 days now, to pressure the government for a timely response.

In early August, demostrations exceeded 100,000 participants and resulted in more than 1,000 arrests. At the peak of the protests, over 800.000 people marched in Santiago alone, and an estimated 1.5 million in total demonstrated throughout the country. During the 48 hour national strike of August 24-25, cars were burned, windows broken and many people were injured. The country has not experienced mass riots like this since the Pinochet dictatorship, causing the Sebastián Piñera government to feel seriously threatened, as it suffers a 26% approval level, the lowest since the return to democracy.

It’s not just the government who must fear for its safety: Camila Vallejo, president of the FECh -Student Federation of the University of Chile-, was to testify in early August before the La Florida Office about the threats on Twitter. From the @1topone1 account timeline one could read: “Better change your residence or you will suffer a freak accident”, “@camila_vallejo you will suffer a freak accident for being an international communist sucks” and “we’ll kill you bitch.” Shortly after, it was discovered that the person behind these threats was sociologist José Luis Alonso, who had previously made ​​public the home of the young girl from the @derechatuitera account. And yet, the Executive Secretary of the Book Fund, Tatiana Salles Acuña, wrote in his Twitter account: “kill the bitch, just a lever”.

While Chile is undergoing a genuine and dangerous revolution, the whole world is silent. Here are some of the most striking images.

To circumvent the information blackout by the national and international media, the protesting students have made many videos to document and disseminate the truth about the protests; these are some of the best we could find on YouTube:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Police repression has been the keynote in these last days. Police overreactions are the result of fear. Governments fear us, the state security forces fear us, NATO fears us. But its not only Anonymous, but up to any citizen to act against an untenable position such as that of this past year. We do not know how all these movements will end, prognostication serves nothing. It is we who are writing history, they are simply actors. We must be faithful to ourselves. Information is our best weapon. Let’s use it as we have done so far. With the information from us, the truth will show its best side.

Good morning and good luck.

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