Troy Davis “This fight did not start with me, and this movement should not end with me”

This European-morning (American-midnight), while all Europe was sleeping and most of the Americans also, Troy Davis was murdered by the state of Georgia, USA.

Troy  Davis was sentenced to death in 1989 for shooting death of a white  police officer. Despite the investigations they never found Davis’DNA on  the body nor the murder weapon which killed Mark MacPhail. According to  prosecutors, Davis first fired shots at a party around a pool first  wounding a man in the face before finally reaching MacPhail. However, no one saw Davis wielding a weapon. Witnesses only saw the  young policeman downed by gunfire from a house where a party was taking  place.

This also leads us to condemn gun ownership among ordinary citizens in America, something that kills or ends up injuring more than  100,000 people a year.

In the state of Georgia, it seems, blacks are guilty until proven otherwise. Troy Davis was within hours of execution three times over the years of his incarceration, something that those who have experienced it describe as torture.

Troy’s case is deeply flawed from beginning to end. Some  witnesses were manipulated by police to pick out Troy Davis in a lineup. This was also conducted by a police officer involved in the investigation and, therefore, not impartial. 7 of those 10 witnesses have retracted that identifaction since his indictment.  Some claim they were forced by police to identify him, others claiming that this was not the man who fired the shot that ended with the MacPhail life. One of the witnesses even gave the name of the man he believes committed the crime. But the state of Georgia doesn’t want the name of the real culprit when  they have a black man who can be charge.  Whites  can continue killing cops with imputity, because there is always a black scapegoat to blame.

Troy’s last words demonstrated that he continued to fight to prove his innocence.  He said: “I am not the person who committed the crime” .

Thanks to the Internet, hundreds of U.S. citizens were seen on Livestream protesting outside the gates of the jail against this injustice and demanding that the Governor of Georgia prevent this execution. Among them Troy’s desolate family, who prayed to the heavens for a miracle.

Around 2 hours before his execution, a storm broke in social networks where people awoke and began to comprehend that an innocent man was about to be killed without evidence to justify it. Those using Twitter carried out several actions, including making tags such as  #Who is Troy Davis, #Dear  Georgia, #God loves you ‘trending topics’ worldwide and sending messages to the account  the Governor of Georgia asking him to stop this crime. Thanks to this, it appeared that the execution would be halted, which was a great news for all who followed the case. However, it was only a postponement. And, ultimately, it lengthened the suffering of this man, who no longer felt alone and, thanks to the people, had managed to take a breath of freedom. His hope was crushed and, after a few hours, he was executed with a lethal injection.

Image of the demonstration organized by Amnesty for Troy Davis in Washington DC.

So, Europe awoke this morning with the news that finally, despite the efforts of thousands of people around the world trying to prevent this injustice, this man had been killed without a clear establishment of his guilt, and the U.S. had blood on their hands once again.

We  hope at least this cold-blooded murder has served some purpose, as it  has reopened the debate about death penalty in the United States of  America where, despite heavy pressure from the European Union to end once for all this barbarity, is still practiced. And it will continue taking (how could it be otherwise?) many more innocent lives ahead.

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