We do not forget Yemen and Bahrain

Everyday we can watch in the news the terrible state of countries such as Libya, Syria or others that already lived the revolution, like Tunisia and Egypt. However, the are two countries plunged into terrible riots wich nobody wants to remember: Yemen and Bahrain.

Paradoxically, the only country that has recalled the situation of these two countries is Iran, who has expressed the need to send UN missions. The rest of the world is silent, as if our western governments were interested in the Libya’s revolt to defeat Gaddafi and share oil, no economic interest are found in Yemen or Bahrain. That they care about people, who is plunged into a cruel regime, is a lie. Otherwise they will have to explain us why Gaddafi suddenly has become a vile man and he was not the last 20 years, when there have been business with him.

Less than a week ago we could see how the Bareín police locked some protesters in a ground floor and set fire afterwards,as we can see in these two videos:

Video 1

Video 2

The NGO BYSHR (Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights at) claimed that on last Friday 70 people were arrested, among whom there were women and children, during the protests prior to the partial parliamentary elections. The next day the parliamentary elections (which Shiite opposition groups had vowed to boycott) had to take place, and police became Baréin into a police state heavily guarded, setting up checkpoints and doing several patrols. Pearl Plaza in Manama was surrounded with barbed wire and rows of armored police vehicles.

As usual, the riots ended with deads and many prisoners, some of whom will be sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy against the government. Without going any further today 20 doctors have been sentenced to prison for participating in the protests, another man was sentenced to death for killing a policeman, and another one to life imprisonment. Two more people, teacher’s syndicalists, have been sentenced to prison too.

Worst of all is not that just occurred this week, but that happens every week since many months ago and no one cares about giving voice to all the injustices that are being committed with complete impunity. None of our leaders cares because they do not care neither people nor human rights, but only economic interests.

Neither the media are interested in, who prefers making people think about less serious situations that cause more entertainment than tension. But we do care and we want to end this media silence and express our complete revulsion to the violence used to stop the people protests who goes out into the street screaming because their interests are not heard.

P.S. Yesterday, the syrian people of London have made some protests at the Syrian Embassy. They have shown their rage to a goverment that not protect their citizens. They are not affraid, and their would be not no more.

4 Responses to We do not forget Yemen and Bahrain

  1. Anónimo says:

    The cold-blooded intentional avoidance by the mainstream world media of the monstrous, inhumane abuse and slaughter of the Yemeni, Bahraini and Syrian populations who dare stand up and demand better from the psychopathic demons who keep them powerless and in generational poverty – unarmed, with only hope to protect them – is a wicked, criminal collusion with the Imperial Military Petro-Chemical Complex.

    Their mutual crimes against humanity in collusion with the vile pigs who rule those territories to the liking of the Western powers who arm them and train them to torture and murder their own people is a crime which cannot go unpunished.

    A different, fair and economically just way of conducting business is the only way to save this world from being torn apart by violence and division which is created by the corporations which have massive, cancerous influence – paid for with billions of dollars of corrupt bribes and the pretence that these arab dictators are an accepted part of the Western ‘Golf Club’.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment. The globalization that we suffered those past years, works each day to limit and control citizens rights around the whole globe.

    I don’t know if the revolution is the correct answer, but for some people is the only answer, so from here we want to express our support to all revolutions and protest actions.

    Glad to have a good comment in our blog like yours ;)

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