#Oct15: The Global Revolution Has Begun

Hello citizens of the world:

We are anonymous. We are the cattle. We are the cattle that’s being hoarded to work to shove some papers around, to make some phone calls and add some digits to this or that bank account. We are the cattle that does increasingly meaningless jobs for decreasing pay. We are the cattle that is being guided through a thousand fences, to run in circles around the base thematics of advertisers. And likewise guided to accept the presented inevitability that all human interaction is to be regulated by the market economy. We are the cattle that’s at the short end of the golden rule of labour division: thou shallst labour or profiteer. Thou shallst eat or be eaten. And now we find ourselves in a difficult situation: the profiteers have steadily run the farm dry, and the toil will be on the cattle.

Yet, we have seen the farm, and know more lies beyond. Technology is at a stage where it can well provide everyone with his or her daily needs and a fair amount of luxury. Rather than working within that possibility, the cattle is hoarded into the fences of endless labour, which purpose is primarily to keep the cattle flowing through those very fences.
Communication is well past a stage where everyone can have their voice heard. Rather than exploiting this, the profiteers try to deny us this very blessing, for they know that the farm, once known too some extend, becomes unlivable. Rise up, and let your voice be heard – drown out the machines grinding gears in the sound of your unrelenting complaint, your untouchable laughter, and your infinite music.

Though, if we do proceed in this famed parable of animals and farms; it must be noted that the only way to avoid the pigs amongst us from taking over the farm, under the false promise of demolishing it, is not to follow any leader to begin with. If no one obeys, no one commands. And likewise: if no one is known, no one is accountable. Anonymous knows the latter, and turns it around on those who would rule through falsehood.

But lets get back to the matter at hand: It is time to take over the farm. Yes, the farm is old, and the old message bears repeating: Occupy everything! The future will only contain what we put into it now. Let quantity do the talking, if you feel your regular voice is not heard. Do you have anywhere better to go? Is Saturday that time you can feed of some hay in the shopping district maybe? Or is it the one day you’re allowed to go ape, because, strangely enough this is only allowed when some millionaire scores a goal? Maybe then, we got a novel suggestion for you: join Anonymous, the super secret organisation which only admission fee is that you wear a mask.

This is the first time that the free and open internet is beginning to manifest itself as an organisational framework for the physical world. It is also the only time, for if we fail to restore democracy, the internet itself will be the next war-zone. Know what is at stake.

What is happening here will – by some – be called “a revolution” – by others “a terrorist organisation”. Choose how you define yourself – and know that others will judge you by your actions.

A lie is only as good as the absence of proof. Record everything you do. Post it all online. The internet will set you free for the internet is society.

“I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That way I wouldn’t have to have any god-dam stupid useless conversations with anybody.” We are not alone, we should go to the street and find those people the system treats as individuals, so we will break the political taboo.

It’s time to rebel, to remember that our lives are not anyone’s possession and show it on the street. Just as you no longer wish to leave your life in the hands of politicians and stockholders do not let your protest in the hands of others. You was who elected them, who gave them the power to make your decisions for you. Now are you who have to take the power back.

Do not be confused into spending your energy laying the blame. Blaming is yesterday, blaming is the end of your freedom. Blame is words spent on your own chains. If you blame, you will blame wrongly – for you will forget to place the blame where it deserves. We ourselves must bear the consequences of our lack of action in the past. We ourselves are responsible for our complacency. Now, it is time to remove the walls that have been built around us as we were not looking, as we were asleep in front of the TV, as we were immersed in consumption. We will remove them, and set ourselves free, simply by gathering together. We will join out in the open, in the public squares, in the parks. We will hold a discussion. A forum. We will discuss how to move forward, now that the chains have been broken and our eyes are open.

As we protest yesterday, we will protest again today. Our rights are stronger than ever and our voice will be united, more loud so. Because is not when you’ve screwed up the ass you have to tighten it. This October 15th we will not go out alone to the street as we accompany our fellow homo sapiens in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hawaii, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

The global revolution has begun.

We are legion – but do not be fooled
it is easy to don this disguise
it is easy to pretend you are one of us
when in fact, there is an agenda behind the mask.

Follow first your heart, before listening to any who would aim to lead you
for whoever has your attention also has your permission
to plant thoughts in your heads
all seeds look alike – some sprout flowers, some pests. Choose wisely.

2 Responses to #Oct15: The Global Revolution Has Begun

  1. Muchas gracias estamos por comenzar nuestro proyecto y esto es de mucha importancia para nosotros

  2. 99999999 says:



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