Freedom for Bradley Manning

Collateral Murder

I want people to see the truth…because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.PFC Bradley Manning

You have little more than twenty years, you are intelligence analyst for the US Army, you are gay; stationed in Baghdad, you’re stuck in one of the most retrograde military corps of America, one of those places where anyone would not going to look very well if you hum “in the navy” …

One day you realize that during your working hours you got in front of you, without too much protection, MANY ugly data, very ugly, very, very ugly, smelly and rotten of your bosses and their partners. Hundreds of thousands of things that are hidden and people should know. Things that you trust if you knew the world would change dramatically and give voice to hundreds of thousands of injustices, killings and other abuses of power.

Worried that one day you chat with a friend what to do with this data and the implications of your actions could have until, before you realize, your ethics has overcome your self-preservation and you have sent all that information to an unconventional media, anonymously.

What do you think you’ve probably signed your death sentence, but you did what you have to do the best you could do: if you’ve played your cards right no one will know if it was you. And you pray for something as devastating and cathartic for society that no one ever know it was you, at least until they know how to appreciate what you have done for them.

Then your “friend” denounce you to have disseminated the information and without trial or sentence, some gentlemen knocks your door and gets you to a military prison in Kuwait.

That all happened about nineteen months ago and you have spent almost a year in a high security prison in Quantico, completely isolated from everything and everyone 23 hours a day until the information made its way and public knowledge of your denigrating situation set off alarms bells and you have been moved to a new prison with more amenities, but in which probably you would not get out alive.

Imagine being Bradley Manning.


Many thanks to PsicopatasCorp for making this great video ;)

3 Responses to Freedom for Bradley Manning

  1. Anónimo says:

    Many thanks to Anonymous Action for spread the msg!
    Vid English version coming soon!

  2. Ian Ortega says:



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