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Hello world, we are Anonymous.

2011 has ended; a year full of struggles and triumphs. In this new year, Anonymous will continue fighting, because there are still many injustices against which we must lift us. In many countries, governments are still trying to obstruct Internet freedom and, as we have said many times … we will not tolerate this.

Our old enemy, the Sinde Act, was passed later this year and will take effect in March. This is the most serious threat against freedom of cyberspace that has been seen in Spain in recent years, and is but a weak government response to U.S. demands to control the Internet, which has been recently revealed as a powerful enviroment to fight, able to circumvent censorship, overthrow dictatorships and face large corporations.

This was already revealed by Wikileaks (Cablegate docs) and has been confirmed by the ACTA proposal against piracy in the U.S. (better known as SOPA), a similar law that seeks to control the content of all kind published in the Web.

Anonymous does not forget the ideals for what it fight and this coming year is not different. The world situation is a continuing violation of fundamental rights and the Culture and Knowledge are constantly threatened … as an ignorant people is a docile people.

Nor should we forget Bradley Manning, by whom we have participated in several protests to get it heard. We must continue the fight for him, and in February will keep us in suspense and Anonymous does not leave any fellow soldier to his fate.

So, Anonymous will stir the minds of citizens. Cast doubt, for doubt makes us exist. Restless minds are our best weapon against the power of ignorance.

The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.

United as One, Divided by Zero.

Knowledge is Free
We are Anonymous
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us

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