The End Is Nigh #8

Someone tried to kill Veidt. Proves “Mask Killer” theory. Murderer is closing in. Checked maildrop. Message from Molloch. Connected perhaps?

Next, went to retrieve face-mask from alley. Outside Utopia, police restrained a youth on KT-28S. He was screaming something about president Nixon-Obama. Something about bombs.

Is everyone but us going mad? Over 40th street, an elephant was drifting. Beyond that, unseen spy satellites. If they so much narrow their glass eyes, we shall all be dead.

This relentless world: there is only one sane response to it. The alleyway was cold and deserted.

Our things where we’d left them. Waiting for us.

Putting them on, we abandoned our disguise and become ourself, free from fear or weakness or lust. Our coat, our shoes, our spot-less gloves.

Our face-mask.

Had three hours before calling on Molloch. Away down alley, heard woman scream, first bubbling note of city’s evening chorus.

Approached disturbance an attemped rape/mugging/both. Cleared throat. The man turned and there was something rewarding in his eyes. Sometimes, is generous to us.

3 Responses to The End Is Nigh #8

  1. silver price says:

    Tell everyone I became Rorschach after Zach Snyder kidnapped and murdered the tentacle monster and fed it to his dogs. Not entirely true. It was day time, June, flowers blooming, preparing to send their seeds into a cold and uncaring land full of herpes and sharks ready to devour small puppies. Felt depressed and all alone in a threatening world, so ordered happy meal. They chose not to put in the little Owlship toy, chose to steal it for own gain. Chose to slather cheeseburger in mustard. Walter Kovacs closed his eyes, and moments later, jumping across counter, Rorschach opened them. Found manager, name of Borovsky. Russian , probably communist, hoping to take me out with mustard poisoning. Tremors of impact shook my arm. Warm blood splashed my face. And whatever was left of Walter Kovacs died that day. Once a man has seen mustard on his cheeseburger he can never turn his head, never pretend that it isn’t there. If God saw what any of us did that day he didn’t seem to mind. From then on I knew, God doesn’t mess up happy meal orders… We do.

  2. WoW,

    That is what we call a comment to a post!!

    Very good one pal!!

  3. Piracetam says:

    OCTOBER 12TH Columbus Day. Introduces the New World theme. E.g., Rorshach’s “bloodstain on chest like map of violent new continent” ( 6:26:1 ), Veidt’s “whole new universe of sensations and pleasures that is just within reach” ( 10:end:3 ). It’s a few a minutes after noon (see 1:4:7 ); and it’s Saturday. Blake was killed the previous night (Friday night / Saturday morning). (See 1:14:3 .) DOG CARCASS Rorschach has a history with dogs. IN ALLEY THIS MORNING Same alley we see in 5:18 ? THIS CITY IS AFRAID OF ME. Rorschach as holy avenger. We see later, 6:26:6 , that Rorschach has taken on himself God’s job of maintaining moral order. FACE Echoing the smiley-face button. Many of the motifs and themes of Watchmen are tied to the title. Both meanings of “watch”–to observe, and a timepiece–are used. Motifs associated with watch as a noun are time, intricate order, and faces and hands. I HAVE SEEN ITS TRUE FACE Many characters in the novel–the Comedian, Veidt, Rorschach, for starters–believe they have achieved a special insight into the nature of human existence. Each responds to this illumination radically but differently. Enlightenment and seeing behind disguises/masks is a theme throughout but is particularly emphasized in Chapter 5. This theme is appropriate in a work about people in costumes (“masks,” Rorschach calls them). And Rorschach especially has an interesting view of what is his own true face. The shape of the blotch is a recurring motif, as is the image of an obscured eye (obscured vision suggesting lack of enlightenment), the smiley face, and blood. The blood distinguishes Watchmen from the action comics it’s inspired by.


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