Lulzsec returns while #Antisec targets on Turkish goverment

Lulzsec is back again, and #Antisec is getting even more strength, has targeted mainly Rupert Murdoch after the phone hacking scandal of News Corp, supposed to have hacked phones of 9/11 victims (Guardian).

Lulzsec in return had defaced The Sun, so we could see on The Sun front page the fictional story of  Rupert murdochs death because of palladium, some more info at Examiner, and later redirected to Lulzsecs twitter account timeline. Later on they took down DNS servers of News Corp., so they had “disconnected” from the internet all News Corp. websites as they tweeted @Lulzsec. If you want to know how they made it with a LFI (Local File Inclusion) more details on the Guardian.

But this is not over, we will wait to see the email archive it’s supposed Lulzsec is going to release. Sabu tweeted (tweet) that Rebekah Brooks Ex-News International boss used 63000 as email password. Some more info at TheRegister.

The last hack new of our heros is the deface of a Turkish goverment webpage , in this deface we could see a adorable cat dancing :3.

For those who are desiring to see this cool deface we copied it so you will be able to see it whenever you want at pastehtml.

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